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Note about my clams

May, 2002:  I lost all my clams within a 72 hour period from an unknown pathogen that was introduced into my tank.  12 total Tridacnas were lost.  The pathogen either entered as a hitchhiker on a newly acquired coral or via fouled water transferred over from my nano reef aquarium (which isn't able to sustain clams either).  Only clams were affected; fish, corals, and other invertebrates showed no negative symptoms.


The first symptom begins with the clam's inability to fully extend its mantle, followed shortly by an inability to close its shell completely (loss of actuator control).  The clam is irresponsive to stimuli at this point.  Within 48 hours, the mantle detaches from the shell and results in mortality.


Needless to say, the loss of my clams is devastating.  I will attempt to reintroduce clams after 6 months to see if the pathogen is still extant in the aquarium.



Tridacna maxima and Tridacna crocea mixed clam bed.


 A 6" Tridacna maxima resting on "the Grotto's" sandbed


Marshall Is. Tridacna maxima


"Ultra" blue Tridacna maxima nestled in Acropora sp.


Tridacna crocea 1024x768 "wallpaper" image.  Click to view large image.


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