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Make & Model

Lee Mar "Euro" style tank


48 x 24 x 24 inch  (122 x 61 x 61 cm)


120 gallon (450 liter)

  • 1/2" glass

  • bevel-cut edges

  • top interior parameter 4" bracing, no center brace

  • trimless

  • black silicon joints, black painted rear glass

  • rear/center black acrylic overflow compartment with 1" bulkhead


30" height, pine construction, dual front doors


15" height, pine construction, dual front doors, hinged top lid


                               LIGHTING DEVICES                               

Primary Lighting

 2 x 400 watt German Ushio 10,000K metal halide bulbs

 2 x 400 watt Magnetek M59 Cap/Core style ballasts

 2 x Spiderlight reflectors

Supplemental Lighting 

 4 x 110 watt, 48" URI actinic VHO fluorescent bulbs

 Icecap 660

Cooling  2 x Orion "Whisper" 4" Ball Bearing Fans
Auxiliary Lighting  25 watt incandescent blue moon light bulb


                           CIRCULATION DEVICES                           


  Iwaki MD30RLT (to chiller to Sea Swirl to display) Sea Swirl 1" oscillation device
  Iwaki MD30RLXT (to Sea Swirl to display) Sea Swirl 3/4" oscillation device


                               FILTRATION DEVICE                               

 Euro-Reef CS6-2 Protein Skimmer

                               CALCIUM DEVICES                               


Geo Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor 10 gallon reservoir by Lifereef EcoTech Marine Kalkreactor
5 lb CO2 bottle w/ regulator and solenoid Contains R/O water Reactor fed reservoir water via Litermeter
CaribSea A.R.M and SuperKalk Gold media Reservoir feeds Litermeter Stirrer timing controlled by Aquacontroller


                             TEMPERATURE DEVICES                         

        COOLING:  Aqualogic 1/3 horsepower "Delta" in-line chiller (plumbed to outdoors);  water supplied by Iwaki MD30RLT

        HEATING:  350W Pro-Heat Titanium IC Heater


                               AUTOMATION DEVICES                           

        Neptune Aquacontroller II controlling:


        SpectraPure LiterMeter dosing device feeds Ecotech Reactor to top off evaporated water.


                          BIOLOGICAL COMPONENTS                       


                  FOOD, ADDITIVES & MAINTENANCE               

  1. Live Artemia sp. "brine shrimp" (Selcon enriched)

  2. Ocean Nutrition Reef Formula frozen food (Selcon enriched)

  3. Harvested algae from overflow compartment.

  1. B-ionic

  2. DT Phytoplankton and Liquidlife Bioplankton on alternating cycle.


Almost every equipment purchased from:


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