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Golden Blenny (Atrosalarias fuscus, xanthic variant)


Pacific Candy Bass (Liopropoma swalesi) 



  Note about my C.hotumatua

A month after introduction, I was forced to remove my C.hotumatua because it began the bad habit of consuming corals and clams.  In my experience, there are no 100% reef-safe Dwarf Angels.  Of the 14 species I've attempted, none have been reef-safe.  My best advice is to refrain from adding Centropyges in reef aquariums; they are incrediblly difficult to remove after introduction.


I will leave these pics up since this fish is such a beauty.  I really wish it had been a better citizen; it was heartbreaking having to give this angel up.

Easter Island Angelfish (Centropyge hotumatua) 

Purchased from The Marine Center, TX



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