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S     P     S           C     O     R     A     L     S

G   A   L   L   E   R   I   E   S


S P S  G A L L E R Y   # 1


S P S  G A L L E R Y   # 2


S P S  G A L L E R Y   # 3


S P S  G A L L E R Y   # 4


   Note about SPS Identification 

I will not make attempts at identifying my SPS corals.  The morphology of SPS corals change remarkably in captivity;  Since most of my SPS were grown from captive 2nd to 3rd generation fragments, it is nearly impossible to accurately identify them.

The genus of SPS corals I currently husband are: Acropora sp., Pocillopora sp., Montipora sp., Seriatopora sp., Porites sp., and Stylophora sp.  Acropora sp. constitutes the bulk of my SPS collection.


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