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T   H   E      R   E   E   F      F   L   A   T

G   A   L   L   E   R   Y



Note about "The Reef Flat"

The entire section of "The Reef Flat" collasped under its own weight in February, 2002.  In the process of rebuilding the left portion of the 120 gallon reef, I fragged 75% of the 20" A.yongei and removed 99% of the 24" M.capricornis.  Although "The Reef Flat" is no longer extant, I will keep this section open to document how it once was.


Panoramic photo of the reef flat, shot from the front


Overhead shot of the reef flat (all lights off, with flash)

Corals:  P.damacornis, P.verracosa, A.humilis, A.yongei, M.capricornis


Acropora yongei and Montipora capricornis


Underside of A.yongei & M.capricornis;  Notice the sparse corallites



Two 1024x768 "wallpaper" images.  Click to view large image.



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